VIDEO: I4T Ep 6 – Wii U First Impressions and Overview

Episode 6 of Ideas4Technology is of our First Impressions of the Wii U following Episode 5 of the unboxing on UK Day 1 Release of the Wii U, we have the Limited Edition ZombiU Premium Pack which we we tested out over the weekend.

You can order the Wii U in the UK from here: Our US visitors can order the Wii U in the US from here:

Apologies for what comes across as an over excited child with the Wii U on our latest video, but we didn’t sleep for about 24 hours and played a lot of Wii U, with minimal brakes for recharging the GamePad inbetween (yes we really do need a Wii U GamePad battery pack booster, so Nyko you know where we are ;).

Happy Days with Multiplayer on ZombiU

Happy Days with Multiplayer on ZombiU

We love the Wii U, it’s HD gorgeous graphics, innovative multiplex of controller types that can be used and backward compatibility making our list of reasons to buy. We have our reservations about the battery life of the GamePad and also the delay with the software updates and not huge range of initial games released, but in terms of the impressive capabilities added with the GamePad and it’s potential use not just with the Wii U itself but how it can fit into your home entertainment setup.

As a controller it’s pretty incredible and we found it surprisingly light but solid, the analogue sticks were responsive as was the + pad and all of the other buttons on the front top and the back of the GamePad.  We sensed no lag at all in any of the games we played and with first person shooters like Call of Duty and ZombiU it was brilliantly used extra functionality that I’m sure hard core PC gamers will enjoy with the second screen used for maps, diving into your weapons and such and even the possibilities with switching off your main screen with the device and continuing play on the GamePad. We reached the room upstairs and continued play comfortably with our headphones on, making the family very happy downstairs with the TV reclaimed in the living room.

Call of Duty Blacks Ops 2 was crying out for a controller this good!

Call of Duty Blacks Ops 2 was crying out for a controller this good!

The new Pro Controller is pretty awesome, chunky, solid and reactive with a reported battery life of 80 hours it worked a treat with Fifa, Call of Duty and ZombiU.  We heard it was similar to the xbox360 controller, no issues there, this feels a bit lighter, a bit more streamlined, and plays just as well if not better.

We were a bit frustrated at first with the push in games for the need for Wii Remote Plus controllers to be used, leaving 3 of the best games in Nintendo Land unable to be played without these, those being Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest, Pikmin Adventure and Metroid Blast. Saying that we wanted an excuse to upgrade, so we have 3 Wii Motion Plus Remotes on the way now.  Note: We did have some 3rd party Wii remotes including 1 Motion Plus remote but the new system did not recognise these so be careful. 1 did work though, the Snakebyte standard ones, we don’t have a Motion Plus one of those.

You can purchase Official Nintendo Wii Remote Plus Accessories in the UK on from here and in the US on from here

For Nintendo Land, you do need the Motion Plus Remote because some of the games require it

For Nintendo Land, you do need the Motion Plus Remote because some of the games require it

So all in all, we love the Wii U and are optimistic of what’s coming soon! We are running through all of the accessories that we see as being essential to Pimping Your Wii U later this week, so keep coming back and remember you can keep up to date with the latest blogs as they go live and join in the conversation with our social channels us by liking I4T on Facebook, Following on Twitter, pinning away on Pinterest and subscribing to our YouTube channel.

You can order the Wii U in the UK from here:      Our US visitors can order the Wii U in the US from here:

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