At Number 4 in our Top 5 Wii U Launch Games is Call of Duty Black Ops II

Call of Duty Black Ops II is available in the UK from for pre-order here in not only Wii U, but also available to order on PC, PS3 , PC and Xbox 360. For our US visitors, you can order in the US on Wii U, PC, Xbox360 and PS3 here.

One of the most exciting features of the Wii U is the GamePad and Call of Duty Black Ops II utilising this GamePad is going to make the Wii U version stand head and shoulders above the other formats, which is why it makes our Top 5 games for Day 1 release and a must have! So what’s the story behind call of duty and why is it causing such a fuss already now its released on all the consoles? Read on to learn more about Call of Duty Black Ops II and you’ll discover just why we are excited to get our hands on it.

For those who don’t already know, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is first person shooter game; sequel to the record breaking and critically acclaimed Call of Duty: Black Ops that was available for the original Wii and plunged you into the murky height of the Cold War and history’s most secretive battles in the most dangerous conflict zones of the late ’60s.

Here’s a nice gameplay video to start you off on what to expect.

This sequel is the ninth game in the world renowned and iconic franchise and the game continues the familiar gameplay, this time, it’s set in the future. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 on Wii U features two connected storylines, one set in the 1980s, and another in 2025. Players assume the role of Alex Mason from the first game, while the 2025 story line carries on with Mason’s son.

In both time periods, the world is caught in a Cold War; in the year 2025, China and the United States are at logger heads as China bans the export of rare earth elements following a cyber attack that crippled the Chinese stock exchange. Cyber terrorism plays an enormous threat to the world and its inhabitants in this time period, with the vicious and vindictive villain Raul Menendez himself being a terrorist leader.

Black Ops 2 presents itself as the first in the franchise to have branching storylines, completely player-driven based upon the player’s decisions and choices. Within parts of the campaign, there are missions, etc. which you can either fail or succeed in, inevitably either enabling or hindering the antagonist Menendez with his ultimate terrorist goals. The ability for the player to make important decisions allows the campaign’s storyline to be completely non-linear, and also allows for replayability to see other ways in which the game could play out. By the end of the game, the player may have changed the results of the futuristic Cold War, and will be shown what could have gone differently.

The setting of Black Ops 2 is designed to follow as realistic a route as possible, with all the technology based on current designs or future plans. There are new interfaces and weapons systems based on current technology, including wrist-mounted launchers that fire small explosives, sniper rifles that use millimetre wave technology, VTOL aircraft, other unmanned aerial vehicles, jet fighters, machine gun mounted UAVs, mechanised soldiers, and a great deal more. Alongside the inclusion of a great deal of both modern and slightly futuristic weaponry, technology, and general warfare (all of which strikes a very deep chord with reality), Black Ops 2 has tweaked the graphics engine to allow better visuals, making all that you can feast your eyes on within this game all the better.

Featured within Black Ops 2 is the introduction of Strike Force missions, which are available for the player to choose to take on throughout the campaign. Within these Strike Force missions you will be able to control a black ops group, with each mission playing out as a small sandbox battlefield in which you can choose both the order you complete objectives, as well as what units you play, with human soldiers fighting alongside robots and UAVs. These missions can be played out in a real-time strategy fashion, and from two perspectives; overmatch view, and from the perspective of the unit you have selected. At any given time during the mission you can zoom out to an overmatch view of the battlefield and then select a new unit, which will shift your view to this unit’s perspective; this zooming allows you to rapidly possess whatever unit suits your needs at any given time, although you can also issue commands to your units from the overmatch view. The progress you make within these missions will be reflected in the course of the antagonist Raul Menendez’s plans, although sometimes a player may choose one mission at the cost of others, meaning each and every player will experience a different and more personal battlefield, driven by their choices and decisions. The success of these Strike Forces missions isn’t guaranteed, and should all of your operatives die you will lose the missions, inevitably changing the course of conflict.

The Zombie mode will also make a re-appearance with Black Ops 2, making it the third time this mode has appeared within the franchise, but the first to have its own campaign alongside the main storyline. The Zombie mode will make full use of Call of Duty’s multiplayer capabilities, as it utilises the multiplayer engine, and also supports eight player co-op play. These alterations to the mode mean you get the best out of the blood, gore, and guts, hand in hand with a deeper community experience. The multiplayer itself will be set in the future year of 2025, complete with all the new technology, as well as a revamped combat training system for new players.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 boasts a whole multitude of futuristic technology and weaponry for you to get your hands on, alongside new modes that enable you to explore every inch available to you in practically every way possible. With Black Ops 2 also being player-driven, you will never be short of choices and decisions to make, each one affecting the outcome of how the campaign itself plays out, and meaning that only you, and you alone, can tailor just exactly how you want this Cold War to play out.

What will the Wii U GamePad do to add to the Call of Duty experience then?

With the GamePad you’ll get an on-screen map that updates in real-time, with the nice zoom option (that’s going to help you a lot when things get crazy).

Here’s a video of the multiplayer mode in effect for the Wii U that shows it off pretty well, keeps us going for another week anyway!

You’ll have the option to stream action to the GamePad which will give multiplayer an even more real feel, none of that split screen nonsense, you’ll get your own screen to concentrate on, which is one of the most exciting features for us.  One player using the GamePad can take on the other using the TV with whichever controller they wish to use, including the original wii remote and nunchuk if that’s your bag, for us it’s pro controller all the way.  (Until we can use the 2nd GamePad that is, but for now, this will do nicely.

Another fantastic option is using the GamePad as a second screen when using the other controllers in whichever mode you fancy, then you can still eye the map on the GamePad.

Call of Duty Black Ops II is available in the UK from for pre-order here in not only Wii U, but also available to order on PC, PS3 , PC and Xbox 360. For our US visitors, you can order in the US on Wii U, PC, Xbox360 and PS3 here.

That’s it for our number 4 in the Top 5 Day 1 Wii U game releases, come back later in the week for number 5!

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