Aliens Colonial Marines is Number 3 in our Top 5 Wii U Day 1 Releases

Available in the UK from for pre-order here.  Also available on PS3, Xbox360 and PC in the UK at available for pre-order here For our US visitors, you can pre-order in the US on Xbox360 and PS3 here but there is currently no pre-order on the Wii U version in the US.

Here at I4T we are massive massive fans of everything in the Aliens franchise and in our little office we have just about everything you could imagine in terms of Aliens posters, figurines, all the movies, the AVP game and even the NES Alien 3 game, H.R Giger art books, hell we even took a trip over to Switzerland and paid the H.R Giger museum a visit. Here is the proof!

So when we heard there was going to be a new Aliens game coming and it was going to be a sequel to the Aliens movie, revisiting LV426 we got just a bit excited.   This one title, it coming out on the Wii U and the early rumour that the GamePad would enable us to actually have a full functioning motion tracker in our hands, convinced us to pre-order the Wii U quite a while back.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is an actual sequel to James Cameron’s film told in game format and confirmed as official canon. The story is set after the events of Alien 3 with marines responding to their missing squad and civilians. You’re put into the shoes of Corporal Christopher Winter as he’s sent with his squad to the Sulaco and later LV-426 and must prepare to face an Aliens assault more intense and horrific than ever before. Players must destroy the enemy with classic Aliens weaponry ranging from pulse rifles to flamethrowers as well as brand-new equipment.

Aliens: Colonial Marines features a story driven single-player mode and a four player co-op mode allowing players to share the chilling experience with three friends. In co-op mode, each player assumes the persona of a United States Colonial Marine and have a distinct role to play in the completion of every mission.

Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer game is called ‘escape mode’ where eight players play as either four US Marines or four Xenomorphs, we are assuming for this to be true that online multiplayer is fully fledged on the Wii U, according to the early reports and demo’s we have seen, it really is and looks good.

The idea behind escape mode is similar to the story and part in the Aliens movie where the marines have to evacuate the colony in mass with hordes of Xenos attacking from all angles along the way. You will have all of the weapons from the solo player story mode, but we don’t know at this stage whether you will have that full range at the start or you pick them up along the way.

Another factor that will add more fun is the cooperative aspect of escape mode. Sharing shock moments with friends as specialised xenos immobilise comrades, forcing fellow players to decide whether to save them or not, while their indecision leaves them vulnerable to potential danger. And how can we possibly forget the fear factor that if you wander off on your own, you’re almost guaranteed to be killed? And very brutally I’d imagine.

Escape mode holds the potential for countless hours of additive fun and plenty of reason to continue playing after you’ve exhausted the single player.  Possibly not for family get together, but that’s the beauty of the Wii U and its new capabilities, the hard core game developers are on board, love how easy the Wii U is to develop games for and Nintendo are very much up for getting hard core gamers on board with some gore and violence.

The most admirable effect this game seeks is its commitment to rekindling nostalgia, which can be achieved in a number of ways, how game-play mechanics function, the presentation which is reminiscent of the film or how characters are designed to be essentially a love letter to the characters in Aliens.

Another great feature is the option for cooperative play in single-player, supporting up to four players online and two player split-screen. You play through set-pieces where you’re allowed to let loose pulse rifles and smart guns, and moments of horror as you witness the egg chamber with victims of the facehugger stuck to the wall with the signature ooze the xenos produce. It is moments like those that are priceless and elevates the fan-love for the product.

We can’t wait to get our hand on Aliens Colonial Marines when it comes out in the UK, currently dated for Day 1 on the 30th November, but I have heard otherwise today that this date could be moved back to the mid December, I’d suggest pre-ordering now and then you’ll know when it’s released as it will drop through your letterbox.

Available in the UK from for pre-order here.  Also available on PS3, Xbox360 and PC in the UK at available for pre-order here For our US visitors, you can pre-order in the US on Xbox360 and PS3 here but there is currently no pre-order on the Wii U version in the US.

That’s it for our number 3 in the Top 5 Day 1 Wii U game releases, come back later in the week for number 4!

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