I4T Top 5 Wii U Games on Day 1 in the UK and US – Game 2: Tank! Tank! Tank!

We are building up to the Wii U release date with our Top 5 Day 1 game releases in no particular order and at Number 2 is….

2. Tank! Tank! Tank! – Available on Amazon.co.uk for pre-order here and Amazon.com for pre-order here

If you are buying the Wii U to introduce some family fun to the living room then perhaps ZombiU isn’t your cup of tea, especially for those a bit younger. However there is no reason why you still can’t get everyone together to battle it out.  With this crazy four player tank driving mash up party game you’ll be pretty popular with your kids and you certainly won’t getting bored too quickly yourself either.

TANK! TANK! TANK! is an over-the-top battle party game where players will feel the thrill of driving and shooting with tanks.

The controls are fairly simple. You move the tank with the analogue sticks take shots with a single fire button. There’s an auto-aim and you lock onto enemies, so lining up shots is easy enough. The weapons are powerful too: your standard cannon can take out enemies with one blast, but it does take a while to reload. To increase your fire rate, you need to collect the machine gun pickups that are lying around.

3 Game Modes

With support for up to 4 players, family and friends can battle it out in cooperative or competitive modes. There is a crazy Multiplayer mode where you can battle giant monsters, shoot powerful weapons and destroy buildings.  You can also play solo in a campaign mode where you can fight against giant enemies exclusive to the campaign mode and level up your tanks! You can also unlock new tanks by clearing specific missions.

Thanks to the NamCam, you can identify each other in the game by face, as a photo will be taken of your face with the Wii U camera on the GamePad and this photo will appear on the screen next to your tank as you battle.

This is on our list for Day 1 and we so no reason why it shouldn’t be on yours, no matter how much of a hard core gamer you think you are.

Ok, that’s it for today’s I4T post, but we’ll be back with Number 3 in our Top 5 Wii U Games available on Day 1 in the UK and US later this week.

You can keep up to date with Wii U Game and Accessory releases on our special Wii U New Releases page.

You can find and pre-order the Wii U console in the UK from Amazon.co.uk here where available: http://bit.ly/AmazonI4TWiiUPacks.      Our US visitors can pre-order the Wii U in the US from Amazon.com here where available: http://amzn.to/RezJqN and you’ll get your Wii U’s on the 18th November, you lucky devils!

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