It’s been 72 days since our last post, but I4T is back! So what happened?

It’s been sometime since I4T last posted, there have been some changes at HQ, which means that we are now self funded in terms of time and ongoing costs, but to put it simply, we are now very much independent which in the long run is great news!  This gives us even more freedom to cover any type of technology we want, whenever and wherever we want. So for you, this means you will see a wider range of news, still technology, but without restrictions. You can also get in touch now and ask us to cover anything you have seen and if it makes sense we will! It also means for any technology brands, manufactures and suppliers who would like us to take a look at released or yet unreleased products, we are very much open doors for covering any of these on I4T across all channels including our fast growing YouTube channel.

Although we have been away for a while, the I4T community has very much grown across the, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest channels, which is great news for all involved. So do get in touch by contacting me directly at to discuss anything at all.  You can also get in touch with me on Twitter via either @ideas4tech or @randomandymiles

Brands/Suppliers can get in touch with the team about submitting samples and press releases for video overviews and reviews via email to:

We look forward to I4T growing fast and being a lot of fun along the way, with as many of you being a part of this as possible.  We will be back within a week with a new blog covering the need to know’s on the various Wii U Pack’s available for Pre-order currently for the UK launch on Nov 30th, after which you will see our first look video overview and initial reactions review of the Wii U 32GB Zombi U Premium Pack.

Until the next time, take care!

Many Thanks

Andrew Miles aka randomandymiles


4 comments on “It’s been 72 days since our last post, but I4T is back! So what happened?

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