VIDEO: Exclusive first look at the Mighty Boom Ball, which turns everyday objects into speakers

With summer now almost at it’s peak in the UK (country wide flooding and temperatures hitting almost 30c in June so far) you will most likely be out enjoying pick nicks in the park, chilling in the garden and generally on the move.

When you want to enjoy your music on the move and enjoy with others, you have a couple of realistic options:

1) Play directly from your phone – low volume, zero bass
2) Take a speaker dock or portable hi-fi system with you – large, not exactly portable and expensive

What you really need is something that is small, inexpensive and gives you a good sound with some bass and can be connected to just about any device.

We believe we may have found it! What’s more, it’s pretty unique in how it works and fun too!

Using the latest in vibration technology the Mighty Boom Ball turns literally any object into a high volume speaker with amazing sound. Unscrew the cap, connect the booster to your device and stick the speaker on to any object. It’s that simple! There are two versions available, either the Battery Booster that requires 3 x AAA batteries or the Power Booster that recharges from a USB port.

The Mighty Boom Ball is available in Blue, Orange, Green, White, Pink and Black in both the Power Booster and Battery Booster versions and available in the UK from and can be found here

We have launched the Ideas4Technology YouTube channel this week with our debut video overview of the Might Boom Ball, so take a closer look at the product and see for yourself just how this clever device works.

So what can you play your music on?

Bike Helmet, Book Can, Car Bonnet, Cereal Box, Chocolate Box, Cupboard, Desk Door, DVD Case, Garage Door, Glasses Case, House Phone, Juice Carton, Kayak, Kettle Lampshade, Lunch Box, Microwave, Mirror, Monitor Base, Paper Cup, Pencil Tin, Picnic Table, Picture Frame, Pizza Box, Plastic Bottle, Plastic Chair, Radiator Shelf, Slide, Sweet Tin, Table, Takeaway Cartons, Tin, Toaster, Vacuum Cleaner, Wardrobe, Washing Up Bottle, Watering Can, Wheelie Bin, Window and more!

…What will you play it on?

Use with your: iPhone®, iPod®, iPad®, Android device, smartphone, MP3 player, laptop and any other device with a standard headphone socket.

The Mighty Boom Ball is available in Blue, Orange, Green, White, Pink and Black in both the Power Booster and Battery Booster versions and available in the UK from and can be found here

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