We’ve been looking at the ‘Style your’ range for mobile devices in today’s Ideas4Technology blog and we’d like you to let us know, what’s your style?

Even with the countless different protective, colourful and stylish cover options for smartphones, tablets, media players, e-readers and mobile gaming devices,  they still end up looking pretty similar to everyone else’s and don’t really say ‘My personal device really says who I am’.

You want to stand out from the crowd, not get your mobile mixed up with friends/colleagues and show off your unique style and personality.

So…. what is Style Your? 

It’s the coolest new way to add a personal and protective touch to your iPod, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Samsung Galaxy SII, Laptop, Kindle or DS.

All you need is an inkjet printer and your imagination – Style Your makes it that simple!

The glossy vinyl skin material sticks to your device and leaves no residue, allowing you to change designs anytime you choose.

The Style your range is available in the UK now from Amazon.co.uk directly from here

Check out the video below to see how it’s done.

Easy to design

Design and print your own unique skins at home!

Express yourself by creating a customised skin with your favourite photos, artwork, team logo, or anything else you can think of. We make it easy. You make it cool.

The skin maker design software also creates matching wallpapers for your device. Copy this image to your device and set it as your wallpaper to add that amazing WOW factor.

Easy to print

The skins are made using a durable vinyl material with high tech adhesive that leaves no residue.

Easily produce your own photo-quality skins. All you need is an inkjet printer set to glossy paper and highest quality setting.

Use the practice templates to perfect your designs. When you’re happy with your creation, simply load the skin into your printer (just like you would normally do with paper).

A quick check to make sure the arrows on the top edge of the blank vinyl skin are pointing in the direction that your printer feeds, then you’re good to go.

When you’re all set up, just click to print directly onto the actual skin and watch as your personalised new look is transferred to the printable vinyl!


  • 5 blank photo gloss printable vinyl skins
  • 5 practice sheets

Easy to apply

Just follow the directions on the back of the skin.

There’s even a built-in alignment system… just pull up the tabs and your device fits right inside, so no problems getting your iPod looking awesome in its new skin.

Peel off the backing and wrap around your device and you now have a completely new and totally personalised device… simple!

Easy to remove

Changing moods and styles?

Style Your skins are easy to remove and leave no adhesive residue, so you can update your look any time you want. It’s never been easier to style your device and stand out from the crowd.

So what do you get if you buy one of the Style Your packs?

  • 5 blank photo gloss printable vinyl skins
  • 5 practice sheets
  • Access to downloadable design software (internet connection required)
  • Customised fashion and style for everybody’s favourite devices!
  • Use your own pictures and photos
  • Ideal for expressing yourself
  • Create skins to suit your moods and styles
  • Unique | Stylish | Personalised | Modern | Unlimited Designs
  • The only limit is your imagination
  • Great for treating yourself and creating personalised gifts
The Style your range is available in the UK now from Amazon.co.uk directly from here

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