Finding your family near and far with genealogy software has never been easier

With a new series of the popular ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ series always around the corner and the old and young generations all fascinated with finding out what their family tree looks like and if their dads grandad’s dad was a town mayor or a basket weaving peasant, The new version 5 of Calico Pie’s Family Historian product is perfect for not only searching for family but then putting together fancy charts, reports, books and reports keeping all the details together to share with your now extended family.

Just don’t win the lottery afterwards, or you’ll find your winnings spread much thinner.

Key Features:

  • Easy to learn and use. Link people to their faces in photos.
  • Enter everything you find out about your ancestors.
  • Easily create charts of all your relatives.
  • Use any of 31 built in report or create your own custom reports.
  • Produce books and booklets with contents, pagenumbering and index.

Charts and ‘Smart Trees’

Instantly create Ancestor, Descendant, Hourglass, Fan Chart and ‘Everyone’ diagrams, as well as Family Historian’s unique ‘All Relatives’ diagrams. ‘Smart trees’ automatically adjust as you change data, move or resize boxes, and move, expand or close branches. Now add smart shapes (arrows, free text, etc) from the Shapes toolbar. Use integrated diagrams for browsing and exploring, and even for adding relatives.

Trace Relationships

Map relationships graphically on charts, or detail them in reports.

Pictures, Multimedia and Face-Linking

Add as many pictures, sounds and videos as you want for each person. Link each face in each picture to your record for that person, and then show these faces in charts, reports, books, web-pages etc – with no cropping required.


GEDCOM is the universal standard format for shared genealogical data. Family Historian is 100% GEDCOM compatible, and complete. It can save all of its data to the GEDCOM format, and can load all records and fields from a GEDCOM file – including other applications’ extensions to GEDCOM.

Books & Booklets

Create professional-looking family tree books or booklets, with a mix of auto-generated chapters and your own ‘free text’ pages and chapters.
Create Websites and Family Tree CDs/DVDs

Creating professional-looking websites or Family Tree CDs/DVDs is easy using Family Historian’s powerful wizards. Click on any thumbnail image to see the full picture in a popup window.

Powerful Merge/Compare

A powerful merge/compare tool allows you to compare any two GEDCOM files side-by-side, and gives you complete control over the merge process, if you opt to merge them.

Internet Search

Search for your ancestors in websites across the Internet using Family Historian’s integrated Internet Search tool.

Highly Configurable Reports

Comes with 31 fully-featured and highly-configurable reports including narrative reports, outline reports, summary reports, a ‘how-related’ report, and many more. Create custom reports using any standard report as a template.


A powerful query tool lets you ask complex questions about your own data, and get the answers.


Easily record your sources using Automatic Source Citations. Copy and paste citations from one event or attribute to another.


Write your own ‘scripts’ to make any change you want to your data throughout a project, using a powerful built-in scripting tool.

The Plugin Store

Download and install free plugins from the Family Historian Plugin Store. Plugins already available including tools for mapping, timelines, and much more.

Quick Start Guide and Free eBook

A Quick Start Guide is included in the box. Also included is the eBook “Getting the Most from Family Historian 5” which can be read using Adobe Reader (free download).

Easy and Fun to Use with Multi-Level Undo/Redo

With its innovative and visually-oriented user-interface, Family Historian is not just easy to use – exploring and working with your family tree data has never been more fun. Multi-level undo/redo gives you peace of mind and, detailed Help is available throughout.

You can order Family Historian V5 in the UK directly from from here

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