Stunning New Trust Deskset will make your home and office setup look and work smoother

With most of us on the move more often using multiple devices, whether a Tablet, Laptop, Netbook or Phone or all of them, it’s always good to have everything in place at your home or office to plug in and get going on your standard device which is still mainly a Laptop or Desktop PC.

Peripheral manufacturer Trust, have been producing quality products for many years with style and for a price that always proves good value and their latest Deskset is no different and looks very smooth indeed! No wonder they called it the ‘Silhouette’

Features include:

  • Stylish and comfortable deskset with wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Slimline design with low profile keys
  • 12 function keys for quick access to media player functions, internet and mail
  • 5 button wireless optical mouse for easy web browsing
  • Ultra small USB receiver with 5 meter range
  • Takes AA batteries

You can purchase the Trust Sillhouette Deskset in the UK from Amazon UK directly via this link.

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