Latest Release Fall Trilogy Chapter 2 allows players to use skill to solve a variety of puzzles and mini-games. Find out more:

Use your adventure skills to piece together your past and solve a variety of puzzles and mini-games to discover helpful clues that will lead you to freedom. Dive into adventure in The Fall Trilogy: Chapter 2, a fun and thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.

  • Exciting adventure with a mysterious atmosphere
  • Play in casual or adventure mode
  • Multiple hints and help systems, you’ll never be stuck
  • Switchable puzzle difficulty
  • Fixed or Free 360 degrees 3D View, Motion-Sickness free!

After escaping a mysterious old temple, you’re about to rejoin your family when disaster strikes, and you have a bad fall. You wake up in a building where a mysterious, unknown contact briefs you on a brand new mission to find a USB key which will help you get closer to finding your family! Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as it seems and there are obstacles and challenges in your way.

You can purchase The Fall Trilogy: Chapter 2 – Reconstruction in the UK from Amazon UK from 13th April 2012 directly via this link

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP/Vista and Windows 7
  • 1GHz processor or more
  • 512MB RAM
  • CD-ROM 16x reader
  • 3D accelerated 128 MB graphics card or more
  • DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
  • 165 MB of hard drive space
  • 800×600 to 1280×1024 screen resolution
  • Internet connection is required for game activation

General Tips for the Game:

  • “The Fall Trilogy Chapter 2: Reconstruction” is a Puzzle Adventure Game!
  • Click on the menu button to adjust the Voice, Music, and Sound effects levels.
  • There are the choices of Screen Resolution, Full Screen, Custom Cursor, or 360 Degree Free View in the menu options. 360 Degree Free View is the default display in Adventure Mode.
  • There is a skip button for the puzzles after a couple minutes.
  • You have a choice between Casual and Adventure Mode.
  • In Casual Mode the puzzles are set to Easy (but they can be changed to Normal, individually). The Hint and skip buttons recharge faster and some scenes have added sparkles.
  • In Adventure Mode the puzzles are set to Normal (again, they can be changed to Easy, individually). There is an additional puzzle and fewer sparkles to guide you.
  • Hints can be obtained by clicking on the eye in the bottom right.
  • Mini-game instructions can be repeated by clicking the “i” in the lower right.
  • You can reset and change the difficulty on the mini-games by clicking on the circular arrow in the bottom right.
  • Tasks to be completed can be viewed anytime by clicking on the Task button in the bottom left.
  • Click on “Menu,” in the bottom right of the task bar, to exit the game.

You can purchase The Fall Trilogy: Chapter 2 – Reconstruction in the UK from Amazon UK directly via this link

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