Looking for a way to speed up your sluggish PC, the answer could be just a few clicks away…

We have all experienced countless days clicking away on our PC’s and Laptop’s trying to find the magic button to take all the bad stuff away and start again without just simply re-loading the whole operating system…well the answer could be just a few clicks and a delivery away if Fix It Utilities 12 does what is says on the box!

Fix-It Utilities Professional 12 claims to be your ultimate all-in-one PC speed up, repair and maintenance solution, so when you are tired of working with a slow PC, freezing programs, crashes and errors? Then Fix-It Utilities Professional 12 will let you take control of your PC with one-click comprehensive diagnostics tests, eliminating your PC problems and leaving your computer running like new.

This uniquely revamped version sees the introduction of some powerful new features including, patent-pending technology, innovative graphics, newly designed tool categories, site navigation and much more.

An essential tool for anyone experiencing:
  • Sluggish PC performance and programs
  • PC drags while you are gaming, working or just browsing
  • Windows takes forever to load
  • Crashes, freezes or starts randomly
Avanquest Fix-It Utilities 12 - PC Analyser Technology

PC Analyser Technology.
Click here to see a larger image.

Powerful New Features

New: Patent-pending PC Analyser Technology

With this exclusive new feature analyse Windows services, processes and programs from start-up, to active use, to shutdown to identify why your PC is slow.

Easily turn off processes that use too many resources without affecting your work.

New: Program Optimiser

Accelerate program launch and responsiveness by fixing slowdowns.

New: 400% Faster Registry Repair

Registry Fixer has been redesigned to fix registry problems faster and optimise Windows® performance.

Avanquest Fix-It Utilities 12 - Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Engine

Scan and remove threats 35% faster.
Click here to see a larger image.
New: Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Engine

Now scans and removes threats 35% faster! Get more protection for your PC from even the most malicious outside threats.

But what happens if you want to use your own installed anti-virus solution and not the one provided in Fix-It?

Then that is completely fine! Fix-It’s anti-virus and anti-spyware is not a compulsory feature and is not required during installation. Giving you the option to either stick with your own security suite, or give the Fix-It functions ago.

Avanquest Fix-It Utilities 12 - One-click PC Maintenance

Includes easy-to-use wizards.
Click here to see a larger image.
One-click PC Maintenance

Easy-to-use wizards let you clean, fix optimise and protect your system.

Speed Up Windows – Regain Wasted Disk Space

Clean out hard-drive clutter, optimise file systems and repair Windows security vulnerabilities.

Recover Lost Data and File Shredder

Remove deleted files, photos and more. Or securely erase sensitive data.

Avanquest Fix-It Utilities 12 - Real-time reports

Stop Frustrating PC Crashes

Identify and eliminate PC slowdowns and freezes with step-by-step system tune-up tools.

Internet Speed Optimiser

Accelerate your browser, download and web surfing speeds.

PC Health Status

Real-time reports give you an instant overview of your PC’s health and security.

Active Intelligence Technology

Monitor and fix your PC silently in the background with Active Intelligence Technology.

Avanquest Fix-It Utilities 12 - fix everything easily and automatically

Fix everything easily and automatically.

Not a PC Expert? Don’t Worry!

With Fix-It’s One-click Optimise, Fix and Security Wizards plus Active Intelligence Technology, you can fix everything easily and automatically – no expertise required!

Fix It Utilities is available in the UK from Amazon.co.uk directly via this link and in the US on Amazon.com via this link

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