What is HTML 5 and where can you can learn how to build websites with this language in mind?

With HTML currently being developed as the next major revision of HTML.  Shouldn’t we all know a little bit more about it, what it can do for us, and how to get trained up and ready to use this before it is incorporated as the standard?

First question we ask ourselves is, what is HTML?

HTML is a language that provides a means to create structured documents by denoting structural semantics for text such as headings, paragraphs, lists, links, quotes and other items.

What is HTML 5 then?

HTML5 is a language for structuring and presenting content for the world wide web, and is a core technology of the Internet originally proposed by Opera Software. It is the fifth revision of the HTML standard (created in 1990 and standardised as HTML4 as of 1997) and as of March 2012 is still under development. Its core aims have been to improve the language with support for the latest multimedia while keeping it easily readable by humans and consistently understood by computers and devices (web browsers, parsers etc.). HTML5 is intended to subsume not only HTML 4, but XHTML 1 and DOM Level 2 HTML as well.

HTML 5 can now already be used for new functions that can benefit developers and internet users.  HTML introduces a number of new elements and attributes.  Here are the most important of them:

Could you experience the HTML 5’s new features with your current browser?

Each browser has it’s own rules and characteristics that differ between versions and brands. And each one is adopting HTML 5 at its own rate.

So how can you learn more about building your own sites with HTML 5 in mind?

Technology training leader InfiniteSkills Inc just released its new HTML 5 training course offering real-time demonstrations of industry standard design and development techniques. The course aims to assist both beginning and experienced HTML users in effectively implementing many new capabilities of the latest version of emerging web standard as transitioning web sites to HTML 5 will allow them to more easily support coming features of the protocol.

The InfiniteSkills HTML 5 tutorial includes 66 lessons lasting over 7 hours in total focusing on basic HTML usage, website design, and embedding images and videos. The InfiniteSkills HTML5 tutorial reflects the innovations of HTML 5, helping viewers understand the fundamentals of language and understand how it can be utilised to make websites more flexible, more interactive and more accessible to a wide range of audiences.

Learning HTML 5 Training Video – Tutorial DVD
Instructor John Ullman, an HTML expert with nearly 20 years’ experience in technology tutoring, guides learners through the basics of web design using HTML 5. The course is arranged around the step-by-step construction of a web site in which the essential elements of HTML 5 are employed. Users learn skills such as basic web page design, how to insert links, employ CSS styles, and embed images and videos.

Chris Johns, content coordinator, says that the best way to start using HTML is to be shown and guided through the direct steps. “The approach at InfiniteSkills,” says Johns, “is to create an immersive environment where users are guided through the actual use of HTML 5 right on their screen rather than reading a book or trying to work from an overview.” He adds that the InfiniteSkills approach allows beginners to intuitively grasp the most necessary skills for using HTML in a workflow.

The HTML 5 tutorial is both Macintosh and Windows compatible, and can be ordered on DVD-ROM in the UK from Amazon.co.uk via this link now and in the US on Amazon.com from here.

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