New Subsonic controllers that make uncomfortable clammy hands whilst playing FIFA and Pro Evolution a thing of the past

Whether you are playing FIFA, FIFA Street, Pro Evo on PS3 or Premier Manager/Football Manager on PC, after a short time if the game is fierce and long, your palms are going to be sweaty and clammy, you’ll lose grip, your game gets worse and you’ll mess up those vital goal winning moments.  Its even worse if you are passing the controllers around among a group of friends playing, no one wants your clammy controller!

You have 2 choices, 1 don’t play, 2 grab one of these to improve your comfort whilst playing!

Subsonic have released 3 different colour controllers with a “Soft touch” texture that improves comfort even with clammy hands and also curved triggers for more precision and control.

They even have 2.5 meters of cable included, so you won’t have to be squashed up on the floor among your friends, which is going to be a must to avoid this summer.

The Subsonic Pro Football Controller for PS3 and PC is available from today on Amazon UK in Red, Blue and White directly via this link.

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