Sitecom make optimal out of the box secure wireless connections around your house for less than you’d imagine

There are plenty of service providers still sending out pretty average wireless routers which never seem to give you the connection you could have, especially over a few floors, which is important for families and house sharing students alike.  So there is still very much a need for a better than average Router than can deliver without costing you the earth.

Sitecom have a new 300N wireless router that allows you to connect to ADSL Internet and easily create a secure wireless network with speeds of up to 300 Mbps and a range of two floors.

With the Wireless Modem Router 300N, you can easily create a wireless network and share a broadband Internet connection, files and peripheral devices. Thanks to the integrated ADSL modem, you can connect the modem router, which is compatible with all Internet Service Providers, directly to your ADSL line.

It has a range which covers two floors with wireless speeds of up to 300 Mbps. The modem router is suitable for applications such as surfing the Internet, e-mailing and chatting.

The modem router has “out of the box” security as standard with the WPA2 security protocol Create a secure home network with just one push of the OPS (One Push Set-up) button.

You can find more details and purchase the Sitecom Wireless 300N Router in the UK via Amazon UK directly from this link from today.


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