Watch your home or office from anywhere in the world!

Gone are the days of an expensive security camera setup to check up on your home or office whilst you are on the move or ensure the local kids haven’t moved your gnomes around again! Now you can do all of this cheaply and from anywhere in the world!

Top Features:

  • Internet Camera: Watch your home or office from anywhere in the world
  • Motion detection: Automatic recording and notification via email
  • Excellent wireless performance: 150 Mbps speed and reliable range
  • Easiest setup and security: Create a safe wireless connection in just one click

The Wireless Internet Security Camera 150N is ideal for wireless monitoring of various spaces at home (baby’s bedroom or your living room) or the
office (reception area or warehouse). By connecting the camera to your wireless network, you can access the live images recorded by the camera from any desktop PC or notebook using the Internet or Intranet. All you need is a web browser and an IP address.

With the camera you can keep an eye on your home or office at any time from any location. Because of the extensive wireless range, the camera does not need to be placed near the router, thereby offering optimum flexibility.

Technical specifications:
  • Network Protocols: TCP/IP, DHCP, SMTP, NTP, HTTP, FTP, NTP, RTP, RTSP, UPnP (Discovery only)
  • Network Interface: 1 Ethernet 10/100 BaseT (RJ45) wired LAN connection, 1T1R wireless LAN, based on 802.11n technology
  • LED’s: 2
  • Power Adapter: 5V DC External
  • Lens: F2.8mm @F2.8 Fixed Focus lens (cell phone size) in socket type
  • Supported resolutions: 640×480 (VGA); 320×240 (QVGA); 160×120 (QQVGA)
  • Video streaming: MPEG4; MJPEG
  • Dual mode: MPEG4; MJPEG
  • Also supports RTP/RTSP streaming and Mobile streaming

You can purchase the Sitecom 150N Wireless Internet Security Camera in the UK from Amazon UK directly via this link from today.

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