For lovers of the last 5 Jewel Quest titles, there is now a 6th! The Sapphire Dragon

Play more than 200 all-new Jewel Board puzzles!

Lead a Team of 5 archaeological adventurers, each with unique game play skills, as they travel around the world on a journey to rescue one of their kidnapped team members and uncover the mystery surrounding the legendary Sapphire Dragon.

Choose the best man or woman for each challenge – Grow each character, build up their skills, and uncover their personal histories.

Solve over 200 brand new jewel board puzzles, including 8 never-before-seen mechanics! Progress through a beautifully illustrated and fully voice-acted story that includes collectible power-ups and quest options filled with your favourite classic Jewel Quest games.

  • NEW multi-matching – swap jewels non-stop while others are moving
  • 5 characters each with their unique abilities who grow in skill throughout the story
  • 8 Brand New Jewel Mechanics exclusive to this latest version
  • Selectable Difficulty Modes including a new Relaxed mode
  • Travel to exotic locations in search of the fabled Sapphire Dragon Jewel Board
  • Unlock dozens of bonus boards filled with a variety of game-play styles

While piloting his Cessna in a Himalayan snowstorm, Raj crash-lands on a frozen mountain, thus kicking off the adventure in Jewel Quest 6: The Sapphire Dragon. Rajs crash has led him to a chance discovery of the Temple of Wishes, an ancient complex thought to be only legend Raj assembles a team to explore the temple, but plans change suddenly when the team encounters a gang of ruthless pirates

Rajs hotshot team of archaeologists is led on a quest around the globe in pursuit of Jiang Hao and her pirate posse. On their journey, the group must use their skills to uncover secrets about the Sapphire Dragon. The threats to their lives are constant, yet romance is in the air as a love triangle forms between three of the friends. Discover whose heart will melt and whose will be broken as you become part of the team. Take on the treacherous sea and brave a raging volcano to catch your nemesis and solve the mystery. The journey will lead you through 200 brand new jewel boards as you unearth ancient wonders and discover the secret behind the elusive Sapphire Dragon in Jewel Quest 6

System Requirements:
  • Windows XP SP3, Vista and Windows 7 compatible
  • 1 GHz processor
  • 350 MB hard drive space
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 64 MB video card (32-bit graphics)
  • DirectX version 9.0

Jewel Quest 6 is available n0w on Amazon UK directly via this link

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