Want to capture those un-repeatable frags, goals, winning combinations to re-live and put up on YouTube or Facebook? Here’s how.

There must have been countless times when you have managed to pull off a goal with a build up that was unbelievable and against someone that’s been beating you for months online and constantly winding you up about it on Facebook with short clips to boast about it with or just hit a perfect round on Tiger Woods that your dad didn’t see but won’t believe you did without cheating.   We have had this happen on more than a few occasions and not been able to really rub it in properly or even re-live it.  Until now that is….

There have been a few options around in the past, but none have really been either affordable or as easy to use as this one in our opinion.

The Game Capture HD is a standalone HD video capture box which allows users to record PS3 or Xbox 360 HD gameplays to an internal or external hard drive without a PC. Installation is easy. Just connect the Game Capture HD to your game console with Component cables, and there you go! With one click, the Game Capture HD can capture and preview live game footage in 1080i resolution. When you’re gaming or playing back your recordings, you can also capture the precious moment in an image file freely. You have the right to decide where to save the recordings or screenshots. Besides, all your recordings and screenshots can be moved between the connected hard drives for portability and sharing.


By simply connecting your game console to the Game Capture HD with the accompanying Universal Component Cable, your splendid gameplay can be preserved to an internal or external hard drive with resolution up to 1080i right away!

The Game Capture HD utilises advanced HD H.264 hardware compression technology to improve the sorage effectiveness while maintaining video quality. Even better, it overcomes the difficulty of hardware compression and presents you an almost real-time gaming experience.

Smart File Management

The intuitive user interface guides you to configure the recording and snapshot settings effortlessly by size or quality. It even allows you to define the path for recordings and snapshots. The recordings and screenshots can also be displayed in the thumbnail view.

The Snapshots while Gaming or Playback

Not only can you record HD gaming footage with the Game Capture HD, but also capture the precious moment in an image file easily while gaming and playing back the recordings. Besides, you can share the static image to social networks or use as wallpaper. It’s all up to you!


  • Capture HD Gameplay in 1080i
  • Work without a PC
  • One-click Capture
  • H.264 Hardware Compression
  • Recording Playback
  • Take Snapshots while Gaming or Playback
  • Record Game Footage in Real-time
  • Pass-thru Mode Support
  • Record to the Internal 2.5” or External USB Hard Drive
  • Built-in 2.5” HDD Slot
  • Remote Control Included
The AVerMedia HD Capture is available in the UK Via Amazon where more images, full specs and a video can be found directly via this link: http://amzn.to/AverMediaHDCapture

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