Want to learn how to perfect your wordpress website from a professional trainer from your own desk?

In recent years, WordPress has become more than just a platform for expressing your personal thoughts in the form of a blog. WordPress has become a fully featured content management system that you can utilise to build complete and functional websites.

Infinite Skills, the video training publisher, founded with the goal in mind to provide high quality computer based training to consumers have produced a massive 114 lesson training video suitable for beginners to advanced users of wordpress.

In this computer based training course, expert designer, trainer and author Geoff Blake teaches you how to use WordPress to build a seamless, professional website.  Not intended for the faint of heart, this training course focuses on the process and details of building a website with WordPress from scratch.

Geoff starts with wireframing in Illustrator and continues to slicing your design apart in Photoshop. Once you have a final design, you will learn how to install and setup WordPress on your local computer. From there, you will learn step by step, how to modify the default WordPress template CSS and file structure to suit your own design, one element at a time. You will learn about “”The Loop””, and how to use it on your homepage. You will create pages, and use plugins for a calendar and slideshow. Finally, you will learn how to take your design, and put it online for everyone to see.By the conclusion of this video training course on Designing Websites With WordPress, you will be fully capable of customizing WordPress to build your own, fully functional websites. This video tutorial comes complete with working files so that you can create a website alongside the author with the same files he uses.

Free Demo Videos From this course available on the below links:

What You Will Learn

The Workflow Process

Setting Up Illustrator For Web Layout

Getting Started With Wire Framing

Making The Layout Precise With Transform And Align

This fantastic resouce is available on Amazon UK now directly via the following link: http://amzn.to/InifniteSkillsWordpress

All the Infinite Skills titles available on Amazon UK via the following link: http://amzn.to/InfiniteSkillsAll

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