What would an Apple iTV add to your life?

After the recent run of new rumours surrounding the Apple iTV, with now apparently early or almost ready for release photos online and a few details floating about on it’s specs, the question we ask is ‘What would an Apple iTV add to your life?’

With the range of HD/3D TV’s as huge as the TV’s themselves have become (in width) with the screens themselves becoming slimmer than mobile phones now, see LG OLED TV below for reference. The connections and capabilities are becoming almost endless with the constantly updating services available.

Best Buy have leaked information that the iTV will be running the current iPhone and iPad operating system iOS as well as offering users full access to the iTunes App Store and a host of content streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube and Flickr.  A price has been leaked also by Best Buy of $1,499 (£947) which for a new TV and an Apple product does not seem too high, but when most are looking to 3D for future purchases, will you be tempted to pay twice the price of currently available TV’s for an Apple iTV.

Supporting the recently injunction hit iCloud service, further  Apple iTV specs are said to include the ability to control the system via iPhone and iPad devices as well as the odd inclusion of an inbuilt Apple iSight camera and access to VoIP service, Skype.

We have compiled the following poll, as it would be really interesting to know how likely you are to buy the Apple iTV if/when it is released? and how it will add to your life?

Please leave your thoughts on the second question below in the comments section, we’d love to hear from you.

You can find all available Apple products in the UK at Amazon via this quick link: http://amzn.to/AppleProductRange

You can find all available LG products in the UK at Amazon via this quick link: http://amzn.to/LGProductRange

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