Sticking Out Of The IT Crowd

Flash drives really aren’t the most exciting of accessories to buy and not many people unless they are backing up a fairly sizeable amount of data for work or moving entire collections of music,photos and movies require more than about 4GB. Larger than that and they are better off with a portable external hard drive. The USB flash drives available range from small plastic sticks, to slightly smaller plastic sticks and we think there has to be something more interesting that can hang from your keyring when you are moving data….and there is!

Cirkuit Planet, a computer accessory designer and manufacturer from Spain since 1999 have released a series of fun 4GB USB Flash Drives with a reading speed more than 24Mb/s and a writing speed higher than 11 Mb/s.

You have a choice of 6 different styles currently, a Disney Mickey Head, Nightmare Before Christmas, Weenicons Micheal Jackson (MJ), Mr T (Tee-Bone), Elvis (The King), Bob Marley (Natty Bob).

Cirkuit Planet Flash Drives are available to purchase now from Amazon UK where more information and specifications can also be found:

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