Are there really an Infinite amount of skills to learn with HDR Photography?

Having spent years perfecting what we thought was the right way to take a photograph in every scenerio with a HDR camera, reading manuals, specialist magazines and watching every video possible via YouTube it seems that there really is no end to the information available with so much of appearing to contradict one another. Photographers want to learn from an experienced HDR user in a simple manner that gives all the pro’s and con’s of useful techniques for all scenarios. They also want to be able to do this in their own time at their onw chosen pace. It appears this option is actually available.

The Infinite Skills range allows you to learn from your desk at a fraction of a cost of training lessons. In this HDR Photography Training Video expert trainer, digital guru, and photographer Andy Anderson takes you through the process of shooting and processing HDR images.   HDR techniques allow you to capture a better photography representation of the intensity levels found in scenes, and can produce the most amazing images you have ever seen. Covering the complete process from camera to output, this training video is built for someone who has no HDR experience whatsoever.

The below videos are available as previews of just a couple of chapters contained.

01. Moving Beyond The Camera Controls

02. Bringing Pop To A Dull Image

Andy starts by explaining exactly what HDR is, but quickly moves into the details of taking your shots, and the techniques involved there. After the pictures are taken, you will of course have to know how to merge and manipulate them to create your HDR image – Andy has you covered. Using Photomatix you will learn to tone map, deal with missing exposure data, and remove ghosts in your merge. Andy teaches you how to work around the many pitfalls you could run into with HDR, all for he purpose of creating the best High Dynamic Range photographs that you could want.By the conclusion of this computer based training video on High Dynamic Range Photography, you will be fully versed in what HDR is, and how to create your own HDR images. With over 2 GB of working files – including raw images to practice your own HDR techniques on, you will be able to follow along with Andy Anderson step by step as he teaches you how to create HDR images.

Infinite Skills Learn HDR Photography  is available to purchase now from Amazon UK where a lot more detailed information and specifications can also be found:

All the Infinite Skills titles available on Amazon UK via the following link:

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