Mixing above your DJ station

Hercules, the DJ specialists have released a new controller that takes DJ’s to a new level, one just above the DJ device itself. The Hercules DJ Air is the versatile, innovative digital DJ controller with a contactless sensor lets you control the mix from above, without even touching the device

The DJ Air lets amateur and beginner DJs get mixing right away, all you need is a computer, headphones and speakers, and you’re ready to go.

Hercules has created an ensemble of intuitive, spectacular controls – generally only available to seasoned musicians, on a unique mobile control surface.

The controller is bundled with the DJUCED DJing software, a powerful application that lets you mix, sync and manipulate tracks, and add your own personal touch to the music with the sampler and the arranger, while providing an intuitive graphical interface, for use with Mac and PC.

Hercules have made the below tutorial video available which shows you how to setup and make your first mix:

The Hercules DJ AIR  is available to purchase now from Amazon UK where a lot more detailed information, photos and specifications can also be found: http://amzn.to/HerculesDJAIR

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