Regain control of your home media

Ever used your Smart TV or console for searching on YouTube, the web or emailing and had to try and type, scroll, search using a TV remote? Frustrating slow isn’t it?  With a large number of home media devices including a USB port for a keyboard there has been a large number of entertainment keyboards produced to serve just this purpose including the Trust Thinity keyboard pictured below which got some rave reviews when it was out, with the focus on it’s use with the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Trust have gone one better with the new Tocamy Wireless Entertainment Keyboard, it’s more compact, with a touchpad for easy cursor control and mouse buttons under your finger tips, uses a micro USB receiver with a wireless range of 10 meters and has extra keys for direct access to media player, mail and internet.  Surely this will be plenty to keep us home users happy, Trust state that this can be used on a SmartTV with USB keyboard support ( but check your TV documentation for 100% confirmation)

The Trust Tocamy Wireless Entertainment Keyboard is available to purchase from 10th February from Amazon UK where more information and specifications can also be found:

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