Latest available tablets on hand to assist artists and teachers

Trust, a manufacturer of computer accessories of 25 years has been creating graphic tablets for a number of those and each new range has pushed boundaries of technical and design innovation further but has always ensured that they are affordable as much as they are functional.

Graphic Tablets have a wide range of uses, from picture editing, freehand drawing and handwriting to classroom use in teaching as a general replacement for a mouse as the primary pointing and navigation device for computers using a projector.

Compared to touch-sensitive touchscreens, a graphics tablet generally offers much higher precision, the ability to track an object which is not touching the tablet, and can gather much more information about the stylus.

Trust are releasing two new tablets on the 10th February. The Fresco has a 204 x 127 mm widescreen working space, ergonomic wireless 3 button pen with pressure sensitivity and cradle to store the pen, 21 extra programmable soft buttons and has advanced drawing software included.

A screen shot of the drawing software in use

For more details and to purchase we recommend Amazon UK via

The eBrush is a more advanced tablet but also has a 204 x 127 mm widescreen working space, comfortable pen with thin and lightweight design that works without batteries. The Tablet has tilt and pressure sensitivity, integrated pen storage, includes advanced software for drawing and editing and is suitable for both left and right hand users.

The Trust eBrush Tablet is also available from February 10th via Amazon:

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