Looking to learn a language when and where it’s convenient for you?

Finding time to learn a language can be a struggle enough, but add in the expense of lessons, location and lack of flexibility in support when you need it and you’ll be spending more time juggling than actually learning.

Language learning software has come a long way in the last few years as with all technology, and with so many restraints on our time and money its great to know that there are more options of how to learn.

Berlitz have just released a language learning suite available in Spanish, French and German Featuring 2-intensive language programs; one focused on conversational language learning and another more theory-based course.

Key Features of the software are:

    • 210 hours of intensive study
    • 3 hours of sound by native speakers
    • 950 worksheets
    • 750 exercises
    • Over 4500 words and phrases
    • Over 1200 pictures and photos

One more key reason to take a look at this software is the ability to learn pretty much wherever you want, on your ipod, mobile phone, MP3 player or in the car on one of the 7 included Audio CD’s.

Berlitz Language Learning Suite’s are available in the UK via Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/BerlitzSuite

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