Hercules launches range of Headphones tailored for DJ monitoring, studio and production

Hercules have just released their first DJ-oriented headphones, the HDP DJ-Pro M1001, HDP DJ-Adv G501 and HDP DJ M40.1. The M1001 headphones feature a continuous arc from one earpiece to the other, to avoid uneven pressure on the user’s head, while at the same time shielding the DJ from external sounds. The headphones have been designed with both larger and smaller head sizes in mind. Their large ear-cups feature the same distinctive relief found on the jog wheels of Hercules’ range of DJ controllers.

Hercules DJ Headphones

This new range comes as no surprise, when looking through the Hercules back catalogue of accessible digital DJ products in the Hercules line up including the soon to be launched DJ Control Air and already hugely successful DJ Control MP3 E3.

This Headphone range and other DJ products from Hercules are avilable in the UK at Amazon.co.uk from here and in the US at Amazon.com from here

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