International CES 2012 round-up: What happened in Vegas won’t stay in Vegas

Every brand on the planet that had something either wired or wireless to shout about was at CES 2012 in full forceLG grabbed a huge amount of press and CNET’s Best of CES award with its 55-inch OLED TV, due its incredibly skinny screen size, reportedly even more so than any of its current phone range.   The Last Gadget Standing event saw the Lytro simple box-like camera grab the award with its revolutionary technology, where by camera captures total information about the photo so not only the user of the camera, but anyone else also can click anywhere on the photo and change the focal point.  In the gaming arena the Playstation Vita’s sleek design, touch screen controls and high spec graphics along with its rear touchpad made this future UK console release major talking point of CES.

The Ideas4Technology Radar from CES 2012

With our love of all things technology we couldn’t help but look beyond the headliners at the show to bring you some news of a release announced headset at the show from the leading gaming manufacture with their finger on the pulse, SteelSeries.

SteelSeries Flux Headset, compatible with PC, Mac and Mobile devices and features on-ear cushions that pump out impressive sound levele via its 40mm driver units. The SteelSeries Flux factors in convenience for the user by including 2 input jacks – one on each side, which allows for two user options: to choose which side the microphone cable can be plugged into, and the ability to “daisy chain” or plug in another headset to the Flux which allows for multiple users to listen to the same device.   Bruce Hawver, SteelSeries CEO said of the headset “We work with professional gamers that travel often to tournaments and events, but we also cater to users that want headset compatibility for more than just gaming, which is where the design of the Flux began.”

You can find SteelSeries products in the UK at

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